Joe Collins

Joe Collins is a native Mobilian and President/CEO of Employee Liability Management, Inc. and is responsible for the overall operations of the company. Joe has held this position since 2000 and is one of the founders. Joe graduated from Auburn University in 1993. Soon thereafter, Joe went to work for a small local PEO as its Assistant Sales Manager. Joe spent over 3 years helping to grow this PEO into one of the largest in the Southeast. He then went on to become its Client Relations Manager. In this role, Joe learned what the true value of the PEO relationship was to small business owners. After current ownership changed and many of the values of the company began to change with it, Joe along with his two partners decided that it was time to start a PEO that understood that for a company to be truly successful it had to respond to the needs of the clients while at the same time developing products and services that would aid in the growth of it’s client companies. “True Success is not measured by adding new business or watching a P&L statement, while those are important, true success is measured by growing and cultivating existing clients so that they can maximize their growth and earning potential. If a client grows, that means we are doing our job because we have allowed that client owner to focus on being an entrepreneur and not a paper pusher.” Joe lives in Mobile with his wife Amy and their twin boys Matt and Harris.