Human Resource Management

Our team of experts can help businesses of all sizes with practically any HR need. Our HR offerings include:

  • Assistance with employment law compliance on the federal, state and local levels
  • Unemployment claims and audit management and hearings
  • Customized policy and procedure handbooks, which include written policies to cover harassment and drug-free workplace programs. We can maintain the handbooks to include updated resolutions and other pertinent information as needed and help you use the handbooks as effective tools in the workplace.
  • Payroll file maintenance
  • Assistance with disciplinary actions, including handling termination issues
  • Advising managers on organizational policies, such as equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment
  • Keeping you up-to-date with labor laws so that you are in compliance and administering them accordingly. Labor laws include federal and state minimum wage, overtime, child labor laws and record-keeping laws (i.e., exempt and nonexempt classification, tipped employees, a special minimum wage for young employees, breaks and rest periods, final paychecks, I-9 form compliance/E-Verify and employee training).